Externally interacting with autopilot bots

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I'm trying to determine how to handle a scenario where a field validation may take an excessive amount of time (up to 30 seconds).

Autopilot only seems to allow about 5 seconds max of stalling if using an "actionUrl" to serve the response.

The Dialogue resource (documented here) appears to be what represents the current active conversation, but it appears there are no ways to modify an active execution.

I could do something like constantly re-direct to an input task, but that still relies on the customer to initiate the process.

imagine this scenario:

  • customer: hello, tell me about my order number 123
  • autopilot: great! I'll look that up right away. Please wait a moment as this may take up to 30 seconds.

So, because I'm unable to hold the connection open, I need a way to kick off the next step externally. Is this possible?


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  • dthurston
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    If your actionUrl is timing out before your backend process can get back to the person, you may need to take another approach such as passing the conversation off to another process that can push the response back to the person when the backend process has the answer to their query. For example, have your backend process send the person a direct SMS (if that's the channel you are using) when it has the answer.

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