Is it possible to stream live with twilio?

Hello everyone, everything good?

I am developing a project and will need to stream users.
One user will have the video and the others will only be able to watch it.
I'm currently using twilio-video and I can do conferences, but I'm not able to limit it to just one user.

I'm using Next JS with functions, the first image is from client and the second from serveless function


  • Hi @Donaldlam can you help answer this question?

  • @gabrielgrs, it is a little unclear what use case you are trying to implement. Twilio Video allows you to create a Room with up to 50 participants. You can have it so that one participant publishes their video and audio and the other participants just subscribe to the video and audio tracks.
    If you want to do live streaming of one participant to a large audience then Twilio Video might not be the right approach.

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