How do you know sms status for Twilio webhook reply?

When you create a MessagingResponse object and return the string in my webhook endpoint:

resp = MessagingResponse() resp.message(info) return str(resp)

How do you know the status of this messaging response? Is it possible?

Thanks in advance



  • You'll want to use the action parameter, I think. You can read more about action and statuscallbacks here

    The trick here is that Twilio is responsible for telling YOU about the status, so you should just tell it where to send the status updates. It'll make POST requests to those URLs, so you can just listen there as it sends updates.

    A good way to test this is to use a service like Beeceptor for your statuscallback URL to see how this works.

    Does this make sense/answer your question?

  • But I'm not using the outbound API to send the SMS, I only add this line above as a response to my webhook that I have associated to one phone number in Twilio console. So, is it possible to add a URL and a message status parameter into a MessagingResponse object??