Needed: Japanese speakers to review Twilio Docs translations

Ahoy, developers! I'm on Twilio's Developer Education team, and we're looking for Japanese-speaking developers to review translations of the Twilio docs before they go live.

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Who are you looking for?

We're looking for native-level fluency for this project. You should be comfortable reviewing a Twilio-focused tutorial in Japanese and be able to find and explain why certain phrases or wording may be off.

Specifically, we're looking for developers because we are a team of developers writing for other developers.

Get paid to learn more about Twilio!

This is a great opportunity to learn more Twilio products. We have translated a set of high-impact pages on across different programming languages and products. While reviewing, you'll almost certainly encounter something new!

We also will compensate the review work at a set rate, to be discussed further offline.

What's my job as a reviewer?

Your role is to read through the translation, looking for things like technical accuracy, use of terminology, and all those things that feel off to a native speaker of Japanese and/or to a developer.


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