how to use twilio to offer sms services to my towers


I would like to give the possible to my users to send sms also on different number in my country



  • Hey @Dom997, not sure what you mean by "offer sms services to my towers". Can you explain more?

    You certainly can use Twilio to provide a number to your user that they can use to send SMS messages though. Check out the docs for how to send your first SMS with Twilio and let me know how you get on!

  • Hi, I would like that through my platform companies can send messages to their customers for promotions or payment reminders.

  • Hey @Dom997, you absolutely can do that. Did you check out the tutorial I linked to above?

  • Yes, I couldn't find the section concerning this implementation, can you guide me on how to do it !?

  • @Dom997 There isn't a section on your specific implementation. Twilio is a platform that allows you to build the solutions you need into your systems using our APIs.

    Perhaps that documentation wasn't the most useful in this situation though. Why not check out the SMS tutorials section. There are tutorials on sending SMS Notifications and on sending appointment reminders. Those two tutorials should give you a good base to build your own system for promotions and payment reminders.

  • Hello, I will explain my idea to you again: I want to create a platform offering users the possibility of sending sms to their customers, that is to say that the user creates his account on my platform and little has his turn to contact customers by sms.
    To put it simply, I want to offer an SMS service to my users using the twilio api, you think that the "Messaging Service' pools" can help me.

  • A messaging service pool is a collection of numbers that can be used as a group, allowing Twilio to select the number to send a message from the pool. This is useful when you have a lot of messages to send and a collection, or pool, of long code numbers to send them from. Messaging services can also remember which number was used to message a user so that it always uses that number (sticky sender) and pick a number that is closest geographically (geo-match).

    Your use-case sounds like you want one number per customer to send SMS to and receive SMS from. I don't think a messaging service pool is necessary for that, though you may choose to implement it through a messaging service in case you scale to need more than one number per customer.