Twilio Relay Recap!

Were you not able to make Twilio Relay? All good! We have links for each event posted below. We want to hear from you! Drop a comment below and let us know your favorite talk! Personally, I really enjoyed the Artist Showcase. 🎨

TwilioQuest Part 1 with Michelle Glauser (she/her) and Kevin Whinnery (he/him)

Serial entrepreneur Danielle Baskin (she/her) talks to Nathaniel Okenwa (he/him) about Dialup, her app that connects thousands of people around the world in surprise phone calls.

Judy Tuan (she/her) shares an SMS-to-voice article lookup app she built that won a Wikipedia hackathon with Nathaniel Okenwa (he/him)

Artist Showcase

Christine Sunu (she/her) has an interactive conversation featuring Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson (he/him) the developer talking through different projects he's worked on, followed by a recap

Ifat Ribon (she/her) speaks about her janitorial services app to Craig Dennis (he/him)

Mel Feuerman (he/him) speaks with Craig Dennis (he/him) about his app that teaches people how to say common phrases in different languages like French, German, and Spanish

Coding Relay Race

Naomi Quinones (she/her) speaks about her app Just Say In, which translates text into multiple languages, with Michelle Glauser (she/her)

Projects spotlight

TwilioQuest Part 2 with Tilde Thurium (they/them) and Kevin Whinnery (he/him)—more about creating custom content

A relaxing wrap-up happy hour with Corey Weathers (he/him), Lizzie Siegle (she/her), and Michelle Glauser (she/her)

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