What’s WebRTC?

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What’s WebRTC and why does Twilio Programmable Video care about it?



  • WebRTC consists of a set of standards driven by the W3C and the IETF that specify a media stack for Real-Time Communications on the Internet. Twilio Programmable Video is WebRTC compliant. This brings the following advantages:

    • It works on most major browsers off-the-shelf without requiring the installation of any plug-in or extension.
    • It can be used natively on the most common mobile platforms including Android and iOS.
    • It provides secure communications through validated strong cryptographic protocols including DTLS and SRTP.
    • It provides advanced connectivity mechanisms suitable for getting through most common NATs and firewalls using the ICE protocol stack.
    • It supports different types of media including voice, video, screen share and arbitrary data.
    • It adapts to varying network conditions providing always the best possible quality.
    • It is constantly evolving and improving incorporating any latest trends on RTC.
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