Twilio sending message from different number, not the number I configured

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I have setup twilio trial account, I have activated phone number +1 916 xxx xxx, but when I send an sms to one of my verified number, I'm receiving it from different number, the sender number is not the +1 916 xxx xxx which is in my phone numbers.
Please help me how to configure account to receive sms from same number



  • Hey @materaz , it looks like you are sending messages to an Indian number. In the SMS country guidelines for India it says:

    To ensure Twilio is in compliance with local regulation, domestic transactional, domestic promotional, and international SMS messages are sent through mobile operators’ International Long Distance Operator (ILDO) connections. Pre-registered Alphanumeric Sender IDs are not supported and messages are delivered with random ILDO-approved short codes in the format 5NNNN—5NNNNNNNN(e.g., 54321).

  • Sorry, posted without the link. The guidelines are here: