Sending Whatssap Messages without adding SandBox Numbers (production enviroment)

Hello guys,

I have tried sending messages by whatssap test mode and everything works correctly, however, it is necessary to avoid manually adding the numbers in the sandbox so that notifications by whatssap can work for our business. There is any tutorial for make this possible?

I hope you could help me.


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  • pnash
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    Hey @Julio, the sandbox is for testing, which is why you need to add numbers to it manually (everyone uses the same sandbox number across all Twilio accounts, so you can only send to numbers that send in your specific registration phrase).

    To move beyond that and take your application to production, you need to connect a Twilio number to your WhatsApp business profile. Good news, there is a whole page of documentation on how to go about that process and all the things you need for it. Check out how to connect your Twilio number to your WhatsApp business profile here.


  • Hi @pnash thanks for answering and your refer links. I will be reviewing it, I hope I can count on you in case I have any questions.

  • @Julio We're here in this forum waiting to help! Though if you need specific help with an application, the support team is available too.

  • Hi @pnash,

    I have completed the first step: Request access to enable your Twilio numbers for WhatsApp
    I already sent the data according to what was explained in the tutorial, but I wanted to know how long it would take to be reviewed and attended? It happens that we have little time left to launch our product to the market and we need to do post-production tests regarding the notifications by whatssap.
    Is there a way to follow up or request that it be taken care of as much as possible?

  • I'm afraid I don't know how long the process will take. Have you contacted the sales team at all about your use case? That might give you more insight into the process.

  • Hello @pnash

    I'll try, already sent a request for contact them. I expect they contact me.
    Again help for your responses and help.

  • Unfortunately they have not contacted me yet.
    I have even consulted via ticket to know about it and I have no answer, what could I do?

  • You will hear from the team, I assume you are in their queue for processing. I don't have any insight into that queue myself though, so I can't say how long it will take, sorry!

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