UDP send of bytes failed with error 10035

Hello, i'm working on developing a remote screen control electron application with twilio.
I'm able to share the screen and control using datatrack. However there are too many stun errors:

[12484:0713/] Port[3f700:0:1:0:local:Net[{25B0EE62-FB12-496A-A79B-24643ABC0B6E}:192.168.1.x/24:Wifi:id=1]]: UDP send of 1178 bytes failed with error 10035

I have stable internet but I'm not sure why stun errors appear during the call. The video isn't looking HD quality either. I have tried:
1) Set screen share track priority high
2) Reduce frame rate to 15 (reduced from 24)
3) Presentation mode
4) Set Geolocation to my country 'in1'

Is there anything i miss ? Can you please help with the quality of my video.




  • I checked the electron logs and i see that the signaling is going through us1 although i have selected in1 as region in twilio settings.

  • Can you share the code you are using?

    I think that the region only affects STUN/TURN and media servers. The websocket you are connected to in us1 is for signalling events and doesn't affect the media transfer.

  • sbakki
    edited July 2021

    Thank you for responding. I started with video-quickstart.js github repository and modified to make electron app. I believe you'll need only index.js and joinroom.js. Attaching the same.

  • I'm unable to attach nor paste the code, please help

  • sbrijmohan
    sbrijmohan admin
    edited July 2021

    @sbakki You should be able to attach a screenshot of your code by clicking on the attach image button.

    Please let me know if you do not have this functionality and I will check in on your role settings. You can also insert your code by using backticks before and after your code. ```

    Check out this article for more information.

  • Hi, thank you. I do have that option. However the code is a large file hence i tried attaching file but couldn't. i'll need at least 30 images to show the entire code :smile:
    What part of code do you want to see ?
    1) connect options with bandwidth profile
    2) screentrack share
    3) datatrack control


  • I definitely don't need to see all the code from your app! 30 images would be way too much!

    Since you are having an issue with video quality of the screen share track, could you paste the connect options and the bit where you select the screen track and share it to the room. Thanks!

  • Please find the images below

    Connect options:

    publish track

    get screentrack

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