Studio execute flow

Hello everyone,

I was reading through the docs on how to execute the studio flow programmatically. Based on the documentation reference I'm trying to trigger it through the REST API call.

The documentation says that to param can be other identifier than a phone number.

The Contact phone number (or other identifier) to start a Studio Flow Execution, available as variable

I was trying to send a user identifier that was used to create a participant for the conversation but I always get the following error in the logs

Failure sending message: The 'To' number 19 is not a valid phone number.

What I'm trying to achieve with this is that flow is triggered automatically where I get a welcoming message after which the bot is listening for a reply from the user.

Previously I would send a dummy message just to trigger the flow, but now I'm trying to do so with execution. Heres the sample code:

Any help would be appreciated on whether the approach is wrong or I'm sending invalid data to the REST endpoint.




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