How to play a message to an awaiting customer?

qborreda ✭✭✭
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Hi all,

How would you play a message to an awaiting customer some X time after you've set a task on TaskRouter?

Using Studio, we have a sendToFlex widget that would create a task to a particular taskQueue. What we would like to develop would be a callback that after some waiting time, would play a message into that call of the "we apologize for the delay".

I'm thinking something like, after the sendToFlex widget has created a task, call a twilio function with the task & call sid details. After some waiting (twilio functions have a 10s timeout), if the task is still not accepted, we would connect a new call to the conference, play whatever message from twiml instruction, and abandon the call, which goes back to play music. Again, problem is find how to delay that.

Also, how would you create this but allow the customer listening to that message to decide to leave voicemail? The message would be like ".. if you don't want to wait, you can leave us voicemail .."



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