How to override permissions for views in Flex?

Out client is requesting the ability for their Agents to be able to access the Real Time Queues View we added to Flex.

There seems to be no easy way to override the fact that this view is set for supervisors and admins, other than compose a new View, and add the QueuesStatsView component to our code, and a side link to navigate to it, am I right?

But we have modified the behaviour of that default view, removing and adding columns, modifying Flex.QueuesStats.QueuesDataTableCell default behavior.
Are these modifications still going to work?

Thanks in advance


  • qborreda
    qborreda ✭✭✭

    Shameless bump!

  • We tried this and was unable to get it to work because the permissions are hardcoded in the QueuesStatsView! Unfortunately, I am not sure it's possible at this time. You could build your own using Twilio Sync Live Query and data from the Redux store.

  • qborreda
    qborreda ✭✭✭

    Hi @matt

    Thanks for your answer.
    I promissed myself to try my approach, but haven't got time to do it.

    To be honest, the only functionality that QueuesStatsView should have a use restriction for Agents is that Edit button for the SLA thresholds .. so I can't really see the point of not offering this information/view to Agents. Eventually, moving this away to the main configuration view instead of having it as part of the Dashboard itself would be our suggestion.

    We may or may not come up with our own real time dashboard, as the project has a tight schedule and budget. They are also requested to have some details on the Agent accessing the dashboard, such as the average time on calls or the number of calls received, for their own information. (to put it in a different way, and Agent would know about their own metrics)


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