Twilio Forums Removing Choose Your Community Section

sbrijmohan admin
edited July 29 in Forum UI Updates

Hello humans,⚡️
I recently made a change to the Forums UI so that when a user clicks on their subcommunity it will remove the Choose your community section. That way you all have more room to view the discussions.

After logging it Twilio Forums will prompt you to "Choose Your Community"

Once you choose your community you will be redirected to the main discussions for that community. For example, if you were to click on the Twilio Community tile you will be redirected to this view.

If you wish to switch from one subcommunity to another you are able to do so with the subcommunities icon within the navigation bar.

That's it! As we make changes to the Forum I will continue to keep you in the loop. I want to hear from you, please let me know what you think about this change! 👏🏽✨


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