Can the data remain on-premise?


I would like to get a Twilio voice application developed. The idea of the voice bot would be to allow callers to check the status of an application. The voice bot could do a check to a database and return a result to the caller.

I would like that the data is stored on-premise and that no confidential data runs in the cloud. Is this possible with Twilio? The database could be a SQL Server database, or MySQL. Is it possible to ensure that no sensitive data runs (or is stored) on Twilio servers and that all data remains on-premise?

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  • shelbyz
    shelbyz ✭✭✭

    You could expose and endpoint from your on-premise system so that Twilio could make requests into that system. Depending on how you architect that application would also put constraints on how and where data may be visible within the Twilio system.

    My suggestion would be to the phone number for voice (when a call comes in...) to point at your on-premise system and have that generate TwiML. By default those requests/responses that Twilio makes as part of a call would be logged and available within the console. If you wanted to avoid having that be accessible you could turn off the Request Inspector ( to avoid logging requests/responses.

    There may be some other minor bits that are logged and it would be a good exercise to browse around the console after a sample solution is in place to walk through the services used in your Twilio application to make sure any additional settings should be changed.

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