How can we partition agents in a team

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How can we partition agents in a team in a single flex instance.
For example if i have 3 team agents in a single flex instance, how can i have them part of different teams, couldn't find concept of teams in Twilio flex like other contact centers have.


  • shelbyz
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    The concept of teams (from Contact Centers) may align best with the Twilio concept of TaskQueues. A TaskQueue is defined by a set of attributes that workers have (like language = ["english","spanish"], etc) and only workers with the matching attributes are part of that queue.

    With that in mind you can create a TaskQueue per team and then skill worker appropriately (console, SSO integration, api) and they should fall into the correct queues. When tasks come in you can set up a TaskRouter workflow to send tasks to the correct TaskQueue based on task attributes to ensure the correct team of agents handles the work.

  • my question is more about what is visible on twilio flex desktop view of an agent/supervisor. Lets say i have a twilio flex instance and there i have agents for 2 teams, by default a supervisor can see all the agents that are in flex irrespective of the teams, how can i implement something where a supervisor can see only the agents from his team rather than all the agents under the flex project. Thanks for your response

  • ssengupta
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    It's not possible to setup Team for Supervisor and they are currently allowed to view all Agents activity across different teams.

  • samparkravi
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    is there any workaround or programmatically @ssengupta

  • Hi @samparkravi you could look at implementing a "Hidden Filter" on the Monitor page so your Supervisors will only see the agents that are in their Team -

    This will only be applicable to the Monitor page of Flex but from your description this sounds like what you are looking for?

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