What is Global Low Latency?

With Global Low Latency (GLL) Twilio can automatically select the signaling server that is closest to the participant and also select the closest media server. Developers can go with GLL or else explicitly select the region they want to use.
In a Group Room, media flows from clients to the Media Server (SFU) and back. Hence, the client-to-SFU latency is important for guaranteeing quality of experience. The Twilio Rooms API enables developers to select the region they want their Media Servers to be deployed. As such, developers can optimize their applications with the geolocation information they have about their end-users. However, when developers don’t want to set the region manually, Twilio allows them to automate placement using GLL. In this case, Twilio selects the Media Server region to minimize the latency of the first participant that connects. Additional information is available here.

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