How to send SMS from the second verfied number

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when I created my account I verified my number, then I have added another number and verified it too, now when I'm sending SMS, the client gets the SMS, but me as admin as the second number, does not get any SMS.

Please help
Thank you


  • sbrijmohan
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    Hi @CreativeLink, I have reached out to our messaging support team in hopes of getting you a solution. Thank you for your patience!

    @adityaoberai1 @Suvink @shelbyz Can you all help with this question?

  • Here is the response from our support team:

    "Kinda sounds like we need to go back to basics here rather than just addressing that question directly. Each api request you make to send an sms specifies a destination number. If they don't any to send an sms to multiple different numbers they'll need to make an API request for each of them.Verifying destination numbers ahead of time is a necessary step while you're in trial mode before you can send them messages, but it doesn't subscribe them to anything or otherwise change functionality."

    @CreativeLink does this help? 🙏🏽

  • Hello,
    Thank you for your reply,
    Actually, I forgot to make counties permission, then it works fine.


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