New Twilio Forum Feature - Category Following

What is Category following?

As our community grows, we begin to have numerous categories or a category can become so distinct, it becomes a community of its own. How can we solve this? You can now follow categories and have a filtered view of content for the categories you are interested in.🤯

How do you follow a category?

In the instance you are interested a certain category, for this example I will be using Video and WebRtc, you can follow this category by first clicking on Product Discussions.

Once in Product Discussions you will then see a list of all the different categories.

After clicking on the category you will see a follow symbol on the top of that page. If you wish to follow that category click the follow button.

Now that you have followed the category how do you view it? As an example, selecting “Following” from the home page will filter the homepage view to only show the categories selected. This doesn’t mean you can’t change their mind later. You can always view all categories, or modify the categories they wish to follow with a simple click of the button.

We hope you enjoy this feature and where you want to encourage category segmentation this will be a useful feature.⚡️


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