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I'm successfully making a rest API call to Twilio and it is correctly triggering a flow I have created. I'm using a "Send and wait for reply" component and it is sending the messages out perfectly. The issues is when I respond back it doesn't go to the "Reply" execution step. I am only trying to send a message when I get a reply. I can see the incoming message coming in through the logs but it doesn't fire the send message. I do see the "Stop Execution" and I tried ending that but it still doesn't work.


  • Hi @jnassar71, Send and wait for reply will only wait till the timeout you set in the widget settings. So if your timeout is 60 seconds and you reply after 5 minutes, it will not going to work. Please write us at [email protected] with example Execution SID (FNxxxxxxx) so that we can take closer look.

  • I'm replying within seconds after. I'll email you the SID. Thanks!

  • Another thing I should add is that the noReply works fine. Once the timeout value is reached I do receive a message I setup back. It's just the reply trigger that never gets exectute.

  • myarchin
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    We're having this exact same issue. We've even tried using the template "Text Survey" flow that comes out-of-the-box with Twilio. Exact same issue: the initial message sends fine, but after the user sends a response, nothing happens.

    Was there a resolution to this issue?

  • I was able to get this working by:

    1. Adding a trigger path for "Incoming Message" to "check_response_1";
    2. Changing the "check_response_1" widget's test variable to trigger.message.Body instead of the first question widget. When a user responds via text, they essentially bypass the first_question widget;

    It may not be the cleanest way to do it, but it does work.

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