Sign up for the Microvisor Pilot Program and check out the new docs

tsmith mod
edited August 12 in IoT

We announced Microvisor, our IoT platform for builders of connected devices, back in the Fall of 2020. Since then we’ve been working hard to engineer its foundation technologies, and we’re now ready to share the first fruit of our labors: the Microvisor Pilot Program documentation, which will allow any embedded engineer to build their products with Microvisor in mind.

Like to take a look? First, you need to sign up to the pilot. This will get you access to the regular updates and make sure that you’re among the first to hear when we reach our next milestones and announce new releases.

To view the pilot documentation itself, get your Twilio account SID from the Twilio Console and email it to us via [email protected]. We will enable access to the documentation at our end.

Drop us a line here and let us know what you think — and what you plan to build with Twilio Microvisor!