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Whatsapp Business API for Indonesia


I am new to Twilio and need a bit of guidance on the whatsapp business API. I already have a whatsapp number for my business in Indonesia and I would like to integrate my reservation update through whatsapp. Is there any way I could still use my whatsapp number as the sender using the API?

And if that's all possible, will I still be able to reply messages using the Whatsapp App in my phone?

Thank you all!



  • Hi @hos789 , great questions! I have reached out to the WhatsApp support team in hopes of getting you a solution. Thank you for your patience!

  • Hi @sbrijmohan thank you so much! I tried to walk through the documentations, but couldn't get deep clarity specific for my case. I'll try with some Twilio number for testing.

  • Someone from Twilio contacted me and shared the following:
    1. I can't use my own number unless the count of messages which I will have is 10K/week
    2. Meaning I must buy an Indonesian Twilio Number (any number listed can do Whatsapp)
    3. Once I have the API integrated, any reply by my end customer can only be handled through the CRM (cannot be through Whatsapp App anymore)

    This is not what I expected, but it gives me full clarity on the direction I must aim.

  • Thank you for the update @hos789 ! Best of luck with your project.

  • @hos789 I just got confirmation that I can’t use Indonesian numbers for WhatsApp. I’m a bit confused here.

  • Hello @rikoari my project is currently on halt so I can't confirm myself on using indonesian number. For my own beta testing, I have been using US number since it is much cheaper and does not have the monthly payment.

    However, from my own observation, I see some business is using +62 21 xxx (seems like landline) for Whatsapp Business. I am as recipient, but it shows that it does not necessarily be using mobile number. But as disclaimer, I don't know whether that business is using twilio or not.

    Secondly, I see in twilio there's starting to be beta on indonesian mobile number, probably worth trying.

    What kind of confirmation did you get? Is it from your twilio account manager?

  • Hi @hos789 thanks for the prompt response. Correct, +6221 is our landline numbers. Now I’m interested to know if the landline numbers can be used as WhatsApp, can you mention who uses that?

    I don’t see the beta on Indonesian mobile numbers in my console. I only see toll-free betas (+62803). Well I’m still in Trial if it matters.

    Yes, I got confirmation from the sales/business development team, in a meeting. He said I could port Indonesian numbers with some requirements, as you mentioned minimum messages per week.

  • hos789
    edited January 9

    Yes, somehow this business account whatsapp which I follow is using this the landline number for their whatsapp: +62 21 508642(Zero)(Three) (Ad4K3rj4). So apparently it is possible... I also see similar number format in twilio number listed to purchase.

    Yes you're right on the toll-free betas, that's also what I see. That looks like a mobile number, but not sure how it works.

    The message you received is the same as mine. I haven't considered yet porting indonesian number because of the pre-requisite.

  • Aha, that’s correct landline number in WhatsApp. I also found out that one of the largest marketplace S* (orange) was also using landline number in WhatsApp.

    I’ll send the sales guy for reconfirmation whether we can use that as an option.

    Thanks @hos789

  • Thanks @rikoari . So it seems to be a norm to use landline number for official whatsapp number. Then the question would be whether such practice is supported by Twilio. The confusing part is because in their list of numbers to purchase they list all such numbers to only have "Voice" and "Fax" only capabilities.

    If you don't mind, could you share what your sales guy say upon the confirmation? It'll be good to get confirmation on this.

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