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Question for the community: Who is still using TwiML and TwiML bins?

sbrijmohan admin
edited August 2021 in Twilio Community

I am curious - and I hope the two Twilio evangelists that are on this board will provide some background ... how much do people use TwiML and TwiML bins these days?

In my mind, one of the most powerful and simple aspects of Twilio is that I can write code within the Twilio website, and deploy it, without involving any other systems or logins, or services. I don't want to stand up a web server with PHP on it to serve a webhook ... I don't want to create and manage logins on other services. I don't want to host and secure the code I write elsewhere.

TwiML bins are fantastic! But am I in the minority? How much do you use them in 2021?

Question from Developer Evangelist Matthew Gillard✨



  • I love TwiML bins! I believe they are underrated and underutilized, you can often just respond with TwiML in a SMS or Voice response. Sometimes I start off using Twilio Functions and then switch to TwiML bins because I realize I can just write TwiML and not JavaScript. You can rickroll someone easily with TwiML bins as well, very handy. Love the verb.

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