Does Twilio Programmable Video work in mainland China?

dtoomey admin
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Yes, however it will be subjected to performance issues as it crosses the Chinese internet border (sometimes referred to as the Great Firewall). The Twilio Video SDKs running within China have to establish signalling and media connections to servers hosted outside of China (most likely in Singapore or Japan). Today Twilio does not maintain infrastructure within mainland China.



  • Is P2P any different? Meaning would P2P work more reliable or is it also due to filtering since signalling probably would cause issues?

  • dtoomey
    dtoomey admin

    P2P should have better media performance as long as a TURN server is not required for the media exchange, e.g. if there is a corporate network to be traversed. The websocket Signaling traffic would still go to a server in a region outside of mainland China, so there is always a risk that the websocket connection could drop. However, automatic reconnections are built into the SDKs and so it should recover in some cases.

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