A2P 10DLC, Messaging Service, and Specifying the Phone #


I just wanted to share an excellent response I received from Twilio Support incase anyone else is in a similar situation. I hadn't seen this answer anywhere in the documentation.

Our Situation:

We are in the process of registering for A2P 10DLC, and send transactional text messages to our customers as a Direct Brand. Our customers (who use our software to communicate exclusively with their employees and is branded as our software -- not theirs), do prefer to have their messages come from a single local number that we acquire just for them. Our volume is below what would make sense to use a short code.

When registering for A2P 10DLC, we encountered that we have to pick a Messaging Service, which we were not using because for each customer we would specify a FROM number which the documentation has stated you shouldn't do. (Although that might change if you see this discussion: https://community.twilio.com/community/discussion/352/documentation-mismatch-messaging-service-and-from )

I opened a support ticket about what to do in this situation, and got this answer from Dom at Twilio support:

For A2P, we'll automatically check if a number belongs to a Messaging Service to apply the registered A2P credential; specifying a Messaging Service SID is not required. This was done to avoid timely code updates for customers who did not use Messaging Services, so they can continue to send with a FROM parameter instead of having to update all their API calls to have a Messaging Service SID.

So, as long as I include each of our numbers in a single Messaging Service and register that as a campaign for A2P, I do not have to specify the Messaging Service, as Twilio will check the number for A2P. Which is great news for our use case.

Again, I haven't seen this documented anywhere, and wanted to share it here incase you were in a similar situation.

Thanks Twilio Support!