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Call routing based on contact list?

My business uses an answering service for incoming calls for my published phone number. Their job is to take down people's contact information, which then gets captured in my CRM. When I contact customers, I give them my personal phone number so they don't have to give their details again to the answering service, but people often call back on the 'main' number anyway.

Is there a way using logic to compare an incoming call number to a contact list? The contact list couldn't be static, but instead would get updated with an automation as contacts are added to the CRM, maybe via Zapier. In my case, if the caller is on the contact list it would get routed to me, if not, it would get routed to the answering service to take down their details.

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  • pnash
    pnash mod
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    You absolutely could do this! If your CRM has an API, then it would be easier than having to update a list.

    I would build this with a Twilio Function that could look up a contact from your CRM based on a phone number. I'd then create a Studio Flow that answered incoming calls, with a Call Function widget that passed the incoming phone number as a parameter to the Function. Then depending on the response, using a Split widget, directed to make a call to the answering service or to your phone.

    It's hard to go into much more detail without knowing what your CRM can do. But does that give you an idea of how to achieve this?


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