ISV US A2P 10DLC Starter Registration - which steps require subaccount credentials?

Hello there,

I'm following the ISV US A2P 10DLC Starter Registration: API Walkthrough to register our subaccounts as Starter Brands.

The only mention of using the SID of the subaccount is when registering an end-user #1.3:

For ISVs using subaccounts, the Account SID in this step should be replaced with the SID of the subaccount.

Am I to understand that the other steps require primary account credentials?

I've tried implementing as suggested, but step #1.5.1 will fail with 'Identity with Sid: IT*** not found', as the end-user was created by the subaccount.


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  • andrada
    Accepted Answer

    I noticed that the following note was added to the guide, so case closed.

    In your requests throughout this walkthrough, you should be using the Twilio Account SID (and corresponding Auth Token) where you plan to use the Brand you are registering for. For example, if you use subaccounts to separate your customers' usage, use the Twilio Account SID corresponding to the subaccount for the customer you are registering.