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How to recall existing customers in Studio Flow


I have an existing database in Zoho Books of our customers, which could be transferred to a spreadsheet. I am creating a Studio flow for incoming messages and I am trying to welcome returning customers that have already ordered from us. I want the flow to check the database and welcome them by the their name and ask them if they would like to repeat the same order.

Meaning, when a message comes in, I want the flow to check if this customer exists in our database, If so, it should welcome him/her by his/her name and recall their last order and ask them if they would like to repeat it.

For example, Let's say John has already ordered 5KG of Uganda Coffee from us in the past, which means he already exists in our Zoho Books and spreadsheet database. Let's say John wants to make a new order so he sends us a message. I want the studio flow to return the following message to him "Hello John, thank you for reaching out to us. Would you like to order the same order (5KG of Uganda Coffee)?"

I think there might be some programming that I need to do (Maybe through Twilio Functions), but I am not sure how to do it.


  • Hi Osa, great questions! @ssengupta or @shelbyz can you help with this?

  • The quick (non)-answer is yes you will want to glue a few things together. To start you may need to brush up on:

    Your Studio Flow from a purely text standpoint might look like:

    1. Incoming Message -> Run Function
    2. Run Function calls your Twilio Function to lookup Customer in Zoho Books (by phone number) -> Send Message or Send & Wait for Reply
    3. Send Message or Send & Wait for Reply -> use Run Function output with a template message to drive next steps
    4. Split Widget - If the user choose yes -> start re-order (probably another Twilio Function), no -> move to next steps

    Slightly more visual example -

  • Hi Osa,

    You are on the right track. You would need to build a function that will ideally make a call to your database to check if it's an existing customer, has order extra. You can call this function using Run Function widget and based on the function response that will return to Studio Flow, you can set the flow how it should move forward.

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