Minimum compression for 15 FPS video

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I need to reduce data consumption on a 15 FPS video call. My app is currently operating at 900kbps and I’m wondering if I can get to 300kbps?



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    The bitrate of the video will correspond to the resolution and the frame rate. With a resolution of 176x144 and using the VP8 codec with simulcast disabled it is possible to get a bitrate of 150 kbps. Note that the audio bitrate will have to be added to this. The default bitrate for the Opus audio codec is 32 kbps. Some additional details are ++here++.
    The following code sets the video capture constraints and also sets the audio bitrate to 16 kbps.

     Twilio.Video.connect('$TOKEN', {
       name: 'my-room-name',
       audio: true,
       maxAudioBitrate: 16000, //For music remove this line
       video: { width: 176, height: 144, frameRate: 15 }
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