React Native Chat Conversations Async Snippet / Best Practise

Hi all,

we are using Conversations in our app as a chat platform in a group chat setting.

To avoid loading the conversations' messages on demand, I use redux for a global state management.

My flow right now is this:

  1. Get token from central backend API on app start.
  2. Instantiate one central conversation client inside redux.
  3. On ConvesationJoined event fetch all messages for a given conversation (Redux Object looks like state.messages[conversationId] = MessageArray
  4. Attach the messageAdded event to said conversation and update the redux state on event like this
state.messages[convesationId] = [
  1. fetch messages in the chat view with a conversation proxy similar to the JS SDK react example.

However in the twilio example there is a strong delay between fetching and display of the messages.

I want to send my messages in an async way similar to whatsapp:
User sends message - message gets added to flatlist and at the same time sendMessage() is called - message delivery is updated in a little icon.

Are there any code snippets from twilio that facilitate something like that?

Thanks and all the best

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