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whatsapp enabled twilio number

Concern: Enabling twilio number for whatsapp.

Is there a developer testing way to use my twilio number for enabling whatsapp (for sending whatsapp messages) instead of going through the actual steps given. I want to use for developer testing. Presently hardcoded the sandbox number. But it will be good if we can use our own twilio numbers for testing purpose. Please help.

By the way, I have submitted the request for the activation of my twilio number. How long it will take for the approval and to enable?



  • @lsiegle Do you have any insight on this?🙏🏽

  • Hey @poorna, you can't test using your Twilio numbers until they are enabled. In the meantime, you should continue to test using the sandbox number. I would recommend not hardcoding the number though, instead you could use an environment variable for the WhatsApp number and when your Twilio number is enabled, you can just change the environment variable and not the code itself.

    As for how long it might take, I'm not sure right now. There is a pre-approval from Twilio followed by submitting to Facebook. Since both processes are manual, I don't know how long it will take, and I definitely can't speak on behalf of Facebook and their process. The important thing is that you've started the process, I hope it progresses swiftly for you.

  • @pnash thanks much for your response.

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