Avoid agent status change if an unattended task belongs to a particular task channel

So we have a custom task channel for voicemail on a client's project. We just have it so if a new voicemail is recorded for an agent's phone number a new task is generated with the recording and some ui to make an outbound call to the originating number.

In any case, we have the setting where if an agent doesn't accept a task in 30 seconds, their status changes to Unavailable, as they need this for voice calls (they also can make outbound calls while unavailable), but they want to make it so if it is a voicemail task, they can have the reservation there without it changing the Agent's status.

Bear in mind this is not a problem with rejecting these tasks. In fact, some of these voicemail tasks are actually directed to personal numbers, not to a queue, so they are not to be rejected.

Can someone point me to documentation explaining how to do this programmatically for tasks of a particular custom task channel?

cc: @ssengupta


  • Hi @qborreda, maybe you can create a different workflow only for voicemail tasks, And all other tasks in the regular workflow. Max is 86,400 so maybe you can set this as the reservation timeout for the voicemail workflow.

  • qborreda
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    Well, that could solve it with a DDI workflow we have, yes. (there are voicemail tasks at the moment stuck there for 1 week and 5 days because they are towards a particular agent on annual leave, so go figure), but there are a couple of branches in the IVR that end up having voicemail capabilities and we use the same workflows as the original voice calls would.

    Not fan of the idea of having duplicated workflows, but I could definitely add more timeout time to the DDI workflow.

    Thanks @ssengupta !!

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