🎈Celebrating Filipino American History Month

Mabuhay Community!

October marks a special month for the U.S.- as we celebrate Filipino American History Month. 

Filipino American History Month (FAHM) commemorates Filipino achievements, contributions to the U.S., and their legacy, dating back to the first arrival of Filipinos on October 18, 1587. The month reminds us of the role of Filipino Americans in American history, from fighting in wars to fighting for social justice and equal rights. As the Filipino American National Historical Society states, “It is important to remember as we make history, we must also tell it to the world.”

History connects us, and with that in mind, we announce our theme for the month: Kapwa. In Tagalog, the most commonly shared language in the Philippines, Kapwa refers to the unity of one’s self and others, the space we share with each other and the recognition of our shared identity. At its core, Kapwa is to be Connected. The history of Filipino Americans connects Filipinos both to those who came before and the shared culture and heritage with Filipinos around the world. 

This is my first Filipino American History Month, and I believe it is important to take the time to recognize the history that made today possible for many Filipinos. I’d like to invite all of you to celebrate stories that rarely make it to history books, but surely weave into America’s story.

 Magdiwang kasama tayo (celebrate with us)! ✨

This post was written but Twilio's very own Marc Boroditsky

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