how long does it take for the Video recordings to be available?

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Hello !
Any one here has experience about how long it takes for the recordings to be available after a meeting (just the recordings, not compositions)? is there a difference between small and large group rooms?
For a project I'm wondering how fast we can get it?



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    Recording typically are available within a few minutes of the Room completing. This can be slightly longer if there is heavy load on the media server but this is not the typical case. Use the Room status webhook and monitor for the recording-completed event for each track that is recorded.
    No difference between Small Group Rooms and Group Rooms, however Group Rooms are recommended as they allow for greater flexibility and are priced the same as Group Rooms.

  • will the length depend on the actual call length and number of participants? what I mean, is there a way to make average calculations (with the understanding that it can indeed vary based on other factors).

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