SIGNAL sneak peek: Put your code in Outer Space πŸš€

sbrijmohan admin
edited October 18 in SIGNAL 2021

Hello Community and happy SIGNAL week!

SIGNAL is next week and we are putting together a code project that we hope will be fun for our community - we are sending code to space! Folks participating in the project will be able to contribute an HTML page that will be rendered for ten seconds during a spaceflight to near Earth orbit. Cameras will capture video of your HTML page running against the backdrop of space - we are looking forward to seeing how our community will use this opportunity creatively! You can see how it all works here:

We can only accommodate 180 code files for the mission, and if this sounds like fun, we'd like to reserve one for you. We'd ask you to submit a pull request to this repository using the instructions in the README, and let us know when you've done so. We will ensure that your contribution makes it into space! If you're comfortable doing so, it would also be great to work with you to generate some social media posts covering your exploits in the final frontier.

This dispatch is brought to you by Kevin Whinnery of AMA fame + friends. I'm just the interstellar messenger while the team is busy creating all the fun behind the scenes. We can't wait to see what you space πŸͺπŸ”­πŸ›°!!!

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