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How to configure Inbound SMS/Call to Twilio number connected with personal SNOW developer instance ?

Zeeshan Sheikh
edited November 2021 in Twilio Community

I am working on Integration of ServiceNow with Twilio and trying to figure out Inbound SMS from end user(customer) to Twilio number . I am trying send SMS/call to the provided Twilio number which is configured in my personal developer instance in ServiceNow. If the SMS is received from end user and the SMS is received and displayed in SNOW developer Instance, how can we create incident through Inbound SMS/Call to Twilio number in ServiceNow instance? What types of actions can be carried out using Inbound SMS/Call in ServiceNow. 

Best Answer

  • sbrijmohan
    sbrijmohan admin
    edited November 2021 Answer ✓

    @Zeeshan Sheikh The third-party app (ie ServiceNow) is the one needing to provide the webhook. If the you want to receive SMS and have them passed to SN, then SN will need to provide the webhook or at least an endpoint for you to build their own app that passes SMS to the SN platform. Does this make sense?

    If you would like us to further investigate I can connect you to our support team. LMK


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