Adding SMS services to US numbers

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We are an ISV, using multiple sub-accounts to separate our customers.

Until now we were only using voice capabilities for our local numbers but we are in the process of expanding our offering to also include texting.

Use case: our customers should be able to receive texts from their users and respond

In the past Twilio implementations that I did we only bought the numbers, associated them with the proper sub-account and configured messaging on them.

Now it seems that we also have to deal with 10DLC registration. Or do we?

Other questions and the documentation seems to indicate that we have do use the 10DLC process, but then why am I able to purchase US local numbers and start using text services on them without having to complete the 10DLC process?

If I look on the number configuration page it seems to indicate that it is an optional process, but if I don't do it, my messages won't get to my customers.

But here it says

We strongly recommend customers complete registration as soon as possible. This requirement applies to all businesses sending more than 3,000 messages per day to the US, or who use more than 5 long code numbers for messaging to the US (regardless of message volume).

That is about our entire customer base

What happens if I don't register?

At a later date (to be announced by carriers), increased message filtering will apply to messages that are sent without registration, or unregistered messaging to the US via long code numbers will cease to be supported altogether.

So I guess I can choose not to register my customers and take the risk that my messages will be filtered in the future?

Summing up:

  1. Is the 10DLC registration process optional or mandatory if I want to send out SMS messages?
  2. What about if my messages are only reply messages (user text me, I text them back)? Is this traffic subject to 10DLC filtering?

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