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we are in the need of configuring multiple workspaces, we have a flex instance for a client and they have a queue setup with some common settings, we have a requirement to build another queue with different common settings , not sure why Twilio has designed queue creation this way. Below link says "you are only limited to one workspace"

We don't wanna build another instance for another queue, this doesn't make sense.


  • sbrijmohan
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    Hi, @samparkravi Thank you for sharing your feedback. That does sound frustrating. According to our Twilio Flex support team, You can create multiple queues in the same Workspace, but in a Flex project, you cannot create multiple workspaces. Unfortunately, that is how Flex is designed to avoid billing issues.

    Thank you for your patience. If I hear any news on updates on this I will be sure to let you know! ✨

  • well, this limitation may create a billing issue for us :) if i was forced to create another flex instance for the same business just because i need a different workspace settings, it would mean a separate bill for the same business.

  • Hi @samparkravi, It is not recommended to use multiple workspace for single Flex instance. Are you using two different usecase in your contact center? Could you tell us why it is required so that I can understand and pass feedback to right team? Thanks!

  • samparkravi
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    @ssengupta under workspace we have a requirement to set "timeout activity" to available for another queue we would need to have "not ready", is there any other way to do this , since that is a global setting for a workspace?

    i was thinking of creating another workspace and add the new queue under that, but it isn't allowed.

  • Hey @samparkravi, are you referring to this settings This is currently Flex Workspace settings across all queue. It's not possible to target specific queue at this moment.

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