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calls take a long time to ring on incoming calls


I am still getting 32011 errors can't communicate or something, how do I fix this on my freepbx system or twilios web page?


  • @Tiggerpaws thanks for sharing, let me try and gather some more information so I can better assist you.

    Do you have a thread created on the Forums already with some background information on what products you are using, the wording of the error and what you have tried in hopes of finding a solution? If not, please comment below with more detailed information?

    I will do my best to get this solved!

  • Hello and thanks for your quick reply. I'm using "voice" product, the error wording was "Error communicating with your SIP communications infrastructure: Request timeout with sip:[email protected]:5060" as can be seen I have tried putting the port number on it and removing, to no avail, I have opened the all the SIP tcp ports and udp rtp ports on my pfsense router. Nothing seems to change it. Please let me know if I am missing anything and thank you for your time.

  • Otherwise, all calls are completing

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