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Holiday food thread? Holiday food thread. (CW: Food)

Y'all wanna do a food thread? Favorite foods for the holiday?

Because turns out, IT IS DECEMBER and that's wayyyyy later in the year than I thought. There is no snow outside, but my internal body clock tells me it's time to crave OTT holiday foods. Is it the same where you are? What seasonal, happy, celebratory, or nostalgic foods are you craving these days?

Personally I'm thinking of my mom's jeon, which by all rights is supposed to be presented in about a million small colorful bowls which I miss dearly. Those of you who love banchan should already know and love jeon!




  • Umm...first off, say less. I'm still processing 2020 😭

    Second off, I've been craving my mother's posole + tamales like no other 🤤 Christmas Eve is when her and I would commence our tamale assembly line and set ourselves up to eat tamales for the forseeable future. She's very into experimenting with different flavors, especially the sweet ones (if you've ever considered adding nutella into a tamale, don't).

    But also, just LOOK AT HOW TASTY POSOLE LOOKS (random image from the internet, but my point stands)

  • To say that 2020 was a bummer when it comes to all of the things that we typically look forward to and had to miss as a result of, ya know...

    That said, I took matters into my own hands this past Christmas and cooked an absurd amount of food for mainly myself to consume. Why? Because the thing I look forward to most this time of year is my Grandma Schooley's classic Christmas Eve dinner that she's been cooking for longer than I've been alive. Knowing that Grandma isn't going to be around forever, I've taken a few opportunities to scan her main handwritten cookbooks so that I don't lose these treats.

    Most of these dishes are nothing spectacular on the surface -- they're dishes from the casserole heavy cuisine that dominated the 1950s in the US thanks mainly to Campbell's canned soup. You can read more about that here if you're curious. But they're special to me because they remind me of family, childhood, warmth, and frankly they just taste fantastic.

    This is the full menu:

    I really like the note about '09 because I know I was part of the problem here. I don't eat the sweet potato casserole (don't @ me) and I eat way too much of the hash brown casserole...

    Here's the full spread (again, minus the heccin sweet potatoes because no thank you):

    Clockwise from ham:

    • Ham
    • Broccoli & Cheese Casserole
    • Green Bean Casserole
    • Baked Pineapple (great with ham)
    • Hashbrown Casserole

    Your plate would look something like this:

    You'd be pretty happy but then, since you were paying attention to the menu above you'd probably be wondering "Where's the pumpkin dessert? I was promised pumpkin dessert." Oh, don't you worry. We have that too:

    So that covers Christmas Eve. If folks are curious, I do have Christmas Morning and a few of my favorite Christmas cookies available as well that I could post pictures of by request.

    Also, if you want the recipes for anything just let me know. They're tried and true.

    Now I'm hungry.

  • When it comes to holiday food the first thing that comes to mind is Pepper Pot (pronounced peppa pot)!

    I was raised in a Guyanese household, every year in December my aunts and uncles come together to celebrate! My mom is one of 7 siblings, 6 of them identifying as women. During the holidays, my aunts and uncles would all come together to cook up some Pepper pot. It's become quite a tradition in our family.

    Pepperpot is a unique type of stew that is made with cassareep and some type of red meat or pork (some people use chicken, but that seems to be the exception here). The stew is cooked with a handful of ingredients and tends to taste better over time. The process of making it takes several days. It is served alongside slices of homemade guyanese plait bread and is typically enjoyed during the holiday time, but also made throughout the year. The cooking process would be incomplete without passionate discussions in the kitchen of the 'proper' way to make it and which sister makes it the best.

    Immediately, the first thing we did on Christmas morning after waking up, was head to the kitchen to eat this beloved meal. The meal is indulged with our hands and accompanied by great conversation. Eating pepper pot is always one of my fondest memories during the holidays.

    This year the family will not be coming together due to Covid but it will still be on my mind and I hope we can be reunited soon to have this wonderful meal.

    Now that I think of it @cdennis might be familiar with pepper pot! 🤤

  • I am on a bit of try baking new thing spree, and since Cake & pie is always a fun topic, so I made this Bacon and egg pie

    and for those cake people --- the 4 chocolate cheesecake

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