What's happening on the forums this week?

Get ready for a cool AMA and some Twilio announcements.

Hi there, it's Christine filling in for Shivani. Time to answer the question of this week (and every week): What's happening on the Twilio Forums?

On Tuesday 12/7, Twilio's Quarterly Release Webinar will be shouting out new products and showing off amazing demos. This a good place to some good ideas on stuff to use in your big projects over the winter holidays, or at the start of next year. There's more info and opportunity for discussion in our summary thread, and you should also sign up for the webinar so you can get notified and check out the amazing releases.

Also here is a video of my work friend, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Jordan Schuetz, talking about the webinar:

On Friday December 10th, Twilio Product Manager Michael Carpenter will do an AMA to answer all your burning questions about how to make your Twilio phone calls way better, but also really about anything you feel like asking him. He is the PM of Voice Insights, so I recommend asking questions like, "What are the secrets of universe, and how can I access them with Programmable Voice?"

He also knows many things about how to measure the engagement you get by using Programmable Voice and how to make your calls sound better, which my editor is telling me is the real meaning of Voice Insights, but personally I will continue to believe that MC holds the secret insights to Voice-related life problems, such as "Why does my voice sound so much worse on a recording than in my head?"

He is very friendly as you can see here in this video. 10/10 would ask for life and app advice.

You can pre-ask some questions here, and make sure to set your alarms for Friday to come back and view the thread live!

That's all for now. Enjoy the week!

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