We Launched Code Into Space! Learn More About How We Did This Here.

This past SIGNAL 2021 Team TwilioQuest used Raspberry Pi, a few @GoPros, and your open-source contributions to send code to space! How cool!

More than a hundred developers from the Twilio community that attended our SIGNAL conference participated. From marriage proposals, to memorials, to ultrasound images, to dogs in space helmets, and first-time GitHub pull requests, we were thrilled to be able to share this moment with our community. We were inspired (and very entertained) by the contributions of the Twilio developer community, making the Talon 1 flight truly historic.

We're super stoked to share that the blog post for the Talon 1 mission has officially shipped and is live! This post includes the new video as well as deeper dive into the mission logistics. You can read more about the post here!

Also, we want to ensure everyone receives their footage from the Talon 1 mission. For folks who have not received their footage yet -- if you can send a note to [email protected] we will do our best to get that back to you!

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