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How to make outbound calls using Twilip API?

Hi All,

I am in need of creating a web application from where our customer care executives can make outbound calls on the given numbers.

I have created a program where I am able to make calls from a default number (given by Twilio) to only verified numbers. But whenever I am receiving this call, a predefined voice message can be heard only.

But here my requirement is like we have a campaign where our customer care executives will be calling on given numbers to interact with the customers.

It would be great help if someone please guide me into this :-

(1) How can I connect my customer care executive with my purchased Twilio number to make outbound call?

(2) Is this necessary to verify all recipient number?

(3) Can I use my previous numbers to make outgoing call?



  • Hi @webandapi welcome to the Forum, I'm happy to provide you with some clarity! Here are some answers from our support team.

    1 - what type of system is the 'customer care executive' using to place outbound calls, some third party CRM? if so, steer them toward that 3rd party's integration guides

    2 - no, you can call any number you want (with a few exceptions like geo permissions and fraud blacklists). you'll need to verify any non-Twilio phone numbers you want to call FROM though. (see verified caller ID docs)

    3 - you can place outbound calls from Twilio phone numbers on your account or verified caller IDs on your account.

    I will also connect you with our support team so that they can better assist you! Please keep an eye out for an email. I hope this helps! ✨

  • webandapi
    edited December 2021

    Hi @sbrijmohan

    Thanks for your response, yes it would be great help if you or someone from your team could assist us in getting this closed.

    Also the CRM is our inhouse software which we have developed as per our requirements.

  • @webandapi Support should've reached out by now. Please lmk if you haven't been in touch.

    According to the team, they have reviewed Your Twilio account and identified the status as Trial, once you upgrade your Twilio account it will no longer be necessary to verify recipient phone numbers. While your Twilio account is still within the trial, it is necessary to verify recipient phone numbers.

    If you already own a phone number from Twilio, you can easily configure it with TwiML Bin/Studio Flow/Webhook/Functions to make and receive voice calls.

    The link below will help you in configuring your phone number with Twilio.

    I hope this helps, please let us know in case of any additional queries. Have a good day!

  • Hi @sbrijmohan,

    Sorry to say but no one have contacted me yet, please ask someone from your team to do so.

    I have other requirements to get fulfilled .

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