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Transferring call control from Studio flow to WSGI URL?

edited January 3 in Twilio Community

I've set up the Studio flow for CAPTCHA fallback from SHAKEN/STIR as per this excellent tutorial.

However, once the call is attested as human, I want to transfer to my WSGI application written in Python at a URL of my specification.

Before I interposed the Studio flow, I was able to set the WSGI URL in:

Console -> Develop -> # Phone Numbers -> Active numbers -> Configure -> Voice & Fax -> A CALL COMES IN -> Webhook

However, the aforelinked tutorial now occupies that slot (and also PRIMARY HANDLER FAILS and CALL STUS CHANGES).

Where do I put my WSGI URL to take control of the call once the connect_call widget in the Studio flow is activated for an attested call?

PS: When I have a question like this, for which one would believe there is a straightforward answer (like a link to some documentation page or tutorial if not a simple instant message explanation), is there any way to offer money to get a timely answer? I'm dead in the water here.



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