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Transfer call to Voicemail if Receiver marks busy or no-answer

Hi, Let's say on an incoming call if the receiver decided to no-answer or put the call to reject is there a way to direct the same call to a voicemail. I followed this approach to modify an in-progress call.

But the issue here is both on no-answer and busy modes the call is already ended and there is no way to modify like the tutorial. Thanks in advance


  • Hi @udarapathmin , if we're talking about carrier voicemail on a call from Twilio -> Carrier (what we call an 'outbound' call from Twilio's perspective), then no. The carrier controls whether a call goes to voicemail or not. Usually when a call goes to a carrier voicemail, it will be marked 'completed' since the carrier is establishing media (in order for the caller's message to be sent). so if the call is not marked as 'completed', then it means the carrier is not connecting the call.

    I hope this helps! ✨

  • @sbrijmohan I'm actually working on the inbound aspect, meaning I'm receiving a call from an outside carrier into my Twilio number. My goal is to redirect an inbound call to voicemail if the operator rejects the call or doesn't answer the call.

  • @udarapathmin your options depend on your call flow of course, but if they have an outbound api call that the carrier does send to carrier voicemail, then there is no way for Twilio to affect that. If the call flow is inbound parent call -> outbound dial child call, then they can execute more instructions on the parent call after the child call ends in order to have the inbound caller record a voicemail on the Twilio platform.

    If you need more assistance I can connect you with our support team. Please let me know and I'll get that started.

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