If busy, transfer call to another number

Hi, I'm using Twilio Studio with TwiML to transfer an inbound call.

If this transferred call is 'busy', I'd like to forward it to a second phone number.

How can I go about this in Twilio Studio?

Many thanks!




  • Hi there,

    Here is one method that can be used to check if the outgoing call was answered or not:

    - From Connect Call To (e.g. connect_call_1), transition both Call Completed and Hangup to Split Based On.

    - In Split Based On test {{widgets.connect_call_1.DialCallStatus}}​.

    - Add a condition if the variable equals "completed", transition to a Say/Play with no message. (This is to work around a bug in Studio that requires a widget for "completed".)

    - If No Condition Matches, transition to a new Connect Call widget.

  • @theadaloguy This might help too!

    Queueing sounds like another great solution, instead of simply connecting the user you queue them and then they can be pulled by either number. I suppose at the timeout of the queue you could return to your twiml or send them to a voicemail, however this needs to be handled by the business unit. tons of good external forum posts for queueing with twiml.

    The <Dial> twiml has an action which has a subresource DialCallStatus which has information whether this was connected.

    I hope this helps! ✨

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