Twilio Video room recording

I'm looking into the documentation and it's not clear enough for me if I can achieve the following.

I'm starting an Ad-Hoc room. The room supports both video and audio.

If I set a room to be auto-recorded from the console by toggling the switch can I limit the recording to be audio-only even if it's a video call?

From what I see if a call has started with a video track, recording will include video, if it's an audio-only call it will be an audio recording only.

If it's not possible, I thought maybe about changing the recording rules to audio-only once we receive the room-created event but I'm not sure if it's not too late by then?

Any Twilio expert can tell me what would be the proper solution for this setup.

Thanks in advance



  • @pnash do you have any wisdom to drop on this thread?🤓

  • @mappdevs1 My understanding of this is that the more granular controls for recording should be set using Recording Rules — if you scroll down to the Examples section, the second example shows how to record audio only. (Toggling the switch in the console to auto-record will record both audio and video, like they thought.)

    Another way to do this would be to create the Room via the REST API and set its recording rules at that time, rather than using ad-hoc rooms, but not sure if your use case will allow for that.

    I hope this helps! ✨

  • Hey! Sorry for the slow reply, I was still on holiday last week. I think @sbrijmohan has the right answer here though.

    I have some extra comments though. First, I know you're using ad-hoc rooms right now, but since you do have to use a server to create an access token to join a room you can use that opportunity to create the room via REST API, and set the recording rules at that stage. That will avoid any chance of recording video when you don't intend to. Secondly, if you turn off auto recording in the console, then use the room created callback to add recording rules for just audio calls, that should also avoid accidentally recording any video.

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