Remove live video border and email?

Hi there, hoping someone can answer this one. Thanks in advance!

Is there a way to implement Twilio Live video without the luminous green and dark blue border, or at least change it?

Also, is there a way to remove or change the email that displays on the bottom left of the video? I'd prefer to remove this or change it to plain text.

Image shows both elements.




  • Hi Camdear,

    So there are 2 parts to your question,

    1. Can we remove the gray and green border? The answer for this is quite tricky. The correct answer is 'NOT YET' Right now, Twilio Live video only uses the 'Video Composer v1' However in the future you will be able to create your own customised layouts for the Twilio Video Live. I actually happened to show a demo of this at SIGNAL 2021- So for now you can't remove the gray and green border.
    2. Can we hide the identity of the participants? Yes we can as of Jan 17th. Here is a link to the change the video composer to hide the email that displays at the bottom of each participant's video.

    The identities of participants can now be hidden in the Video Composer. To enable this feature, pass the following variable to the ExtensionEnvironment parameter when creating a MediaProcessor:

     // Prevents participant identities from being displayed in the Video Composer (optional, false by default)
     "hideParticipantIdentities": true

    Hopefully you find this answer useful. Let me know if you have any more questions.

    Regards 👍🏾

  • That's great, much appreciated nokenwa!

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