Calling artists and creative types! Codname + Twilio Hackathon!

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Calling artists and creative types! We’ve got an artist hackathon coming up on Saturday February 12th, 9am - 3pm Pacific.

CODAME + Twilio invite you to participate in a two day virtual build-a-thon event focused on creating art that incorporates communication technology, centered around the idea of RAWTHENTIC.

More details about the Hackathon are below:

RAWTHENTIC is a mantra of honest connection & interaction. As facades fall away we have an opportunity to let shine the true colors of our inner flames. Our open call invites artists to present their purest sense of expression in any medium. By building up each others' vulnerable, natural desires we forge sustainable, RAWTHENTIC bonds. Create deep wells of understanding and possibility with a sensitive unmasking of experiences. Join us for a gnarly ride of unfiltered vibes! Curated by Alissa Christine, CODAME is excited for your transparent exploration of physical and metaphysical realities. What inspiration can your deepest mysteries reveal? 

Anyone is welcome to participate, and you can sign up individually or as a team. When you register, you will receive invites to a matchmaking event where you can meet other artists, or find others to create a team. The two-day event will kick off on the 11th with an overview of what to expect, and some ideas on how to get started. For the first hour, we’ll have Twilio experts available to help you figure out where to begin or clear any technical blockers.

The event will culminate on the 12th with a demo where you can show what you created. A panel of judges will watch and offer their insights.

👉🏽 Everyone will receive Twilio swag and a recording of their demo. The winners will receive a professionally edited video about their project and a feature on the Twilio blog. The artwork may be showcased in art galleries around the world, online in Optionally also available for sale on and as NFTs on 👈🏽

Get tickets to the hackathon here!

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