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Need help with fetching SMS/Call logs between participants using Twilio API

Hello Team,

We have our service built in PHP and we are looking to add feature to display SMS/Call logs between 2 participants using Twilio API.

Currently we only have Twilio purchased phone number and the customer's number and we want to verify if they ever connected through SMS or Call. Our agents generally go to Twilio page to verify this and its time consuming to filter on the Twilio Console.

So we wanted to fetch this info from API / or link the URL of the filtered conversation in our tool so that our agents can just navigate to the logs page by clicking the link.

I have no clue on how to get this started because we do not store any Conversation SID on our end.

Seeking help to build this feature on our end and its feasibility and risks.

Attaching screen shot below of the filtered view which we wanted to link in our application. Or if there is a way to just return a flag to know if the 2 participants have ever connected also works.



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